Plain fact and figures
Induction Kadai LPG/Diesel Kadai
Energy Consumption Save cost by upto 60%
Disel/LPG interlock No Yes
LED Display Yes No
Man Hours Save about 50% more faster
Even Heating Yes as bigger concave coil No as its centralized heating
Precise Control Yes as it gives exact output as per your requirements No
Noice Very less.Its work silently Yes have noice due to steam or LPG burner
Recepies Standardisation Possible due to precise control Not Applicable
Kitchen Ventilation Cost Less as heat directly goes to food High
Food buring possibility Low as pot does't get much hot High
Energy efficiency 90% more or less 30%
Outside temperature Much low. Its cool technology High as its through not Utilised heat in kitchen
Comfort in cooking High Low
Additional space for gas bank or boiler Not required Required
Oil saving Yes, As kadai cool down fast when not in use so less burning No, As a kadai remain hot after use


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